What are the 10 universal song writing themes?

top ten universal song writing themes

What are the 10 universal song writing themes?  The most used writing themes are good for thinking of ideas for writing a new song.

These 10 are the most used;

The 10 Universal Songwriting Themes

1) FORGIVENESS: of self or of others

2) LOVE: includes self-love, family love, romantic love

3) ACCEPTANCE: of self, of circumstances, of reality

4) FAITH: in oneself, in others, in the world, in God

5) FEAR: overcoming it, conquering it, finding courage

6) TRUST: in oneself, in others, in the unknown

7) SURVIVAL: including the will to live

8) SELFLESSNESS: including sacrifice, altruism, heroism, and overcoming greed

9) RESPONSIBILITY: including duty, standing up for a cause, accepting one’s destiny

10) REDEMPTION: including atonement, accepting blame, remorse, and salvation

All 10 of these themes are emotional.

LOVE is the most used.  Love is complicated, losing love hurts, finding love is exciting, loving someone that does not love you is full of emotions.

Maybe you can now see why these 10 are the most popular.

FORGIVENESS: Maybe you said something you shouldn’t have.  Or you said you would not ever do something but did it again.  Cheated on your partner and the guilt is eating you up and you must confess, but you don’t want to hurt the one you  love.

the ten universal songwriting themes

Any time you want to write a song, refer back to these 10 universal themes.  Find the emotion that puts you in the mood you want to write about.  Think about how it feels and then put the emotion into the music.

Remember the basics.  Verse Chorus, Bridge.

Chorus is the hook.

Verse tells the story about the hook.

Bridge flips the emotion.

Circle of fifths can give you common chord progression.

Give it a try.  Remember the best way to become a good songwriter is to write lots of songs.

I can’t wait to listen to your next song.

email me any time and set up a recording session.  Don’t forget to bring the emotional state into the music

I hope your whole day is music


Dewight Traina

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