Your band needs a website

Your Band Needs a Website

Your band needs a website for several reasons.  We will touch on a few of them in this article.

The biggest reason to own your own website is freedom.  Freedom of expression.  You are in complete control of the content.  Social media sites all have lots of rules, and they can shut you down for the strangest of reasons, they can block your content and most of all they control your advertising.

It is best to get a .com with your band name as the title.  Then link all of your social media accounts to that website.  This makes your advertising so much easier.  If you use WordPress to run your site, there are many plug ins that will let you send every post to all your social media sites as soon as you are done writing it.  This saves you hours of time.  You just set up permissions for every social media site in your WordPress back office one time.  From then on, your posts will go out to all your social sites.

Sell all your merchandise and music directly from your website.  You still need a music distribution company like TuneCore to distribute your music to all the major online stores, but it is also good to sell it directly from your own website.  People will come here to see where your next show is, buy your merchandise and also your music.  All sales here are straight profit for your band.  There is no money that has to be shared with a record label or distribution company.

Now days before a band will even get a proper view from a record label, the label wants to know you can promote yourselves.  Do you have a following, are you making money?  All important in the eyes of major record labels.

You also want the ability to keep in touch with your fans and a great way to do that is through email.  You can get your fans to subscribe to your bands news letter with a lead capture page.  Once you have their email address, you can send them all your latest information.  Album releases, new merchandise, special VIP Ticket promotions and much more.

If you have an autoresponder as well, you can set up pre-written emails that go out at specific intervals.  Your time is important but you don’t want to neglect your fans either.  It would take forever to write individual emails to each of your fans, but with an autoresponder, you can write the email once and send it to everyone just like your news letter.  You can also send a broadcast email any time you want.  Very important in communication with your fans.  Without these tools, you would need to hire someone just to handle your emails.  With an autoresponder, you can do it yourself.

You can write a post on your website and when it publishes will automatically post to all your social media and then copy and past it in your autoresponder and blast it to all your fans.  I just a few minutes each day, you will have finished all your online promotions.  Cool right.

You can also do live music feeds straight to Facebook from your webinar software.  You can even write music live with each member in a different location around the world.  You can save those sessions in your back office, send a link and anyone can watch the performance.  You will have your own cloud that it is stored in.  Again you don’t want You Tube to have control, they have too many commercials and at the end of your video, they try to send you fans to another You Tube video.

Software package that makes all this easy as 123..

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