Superior Songwriting by Singorama Review


Superior Songwriting by Singorama

Singorama is a web based business focused on musicians that want to improve their skills.

Superior Songwriting is one of three products offered by Singorama.

There is also Singorama 2.0 and Platinum Inner Circle.

The product I am reviewing today is Superior Songwriting.


Superior Songwriting is focused on teaching the basics of writing songs.

There is a structure to writing songs.  I tell new musicians that come to record here at Traina Studios, ‘to ever make money with your music, it must have at least two elements. ‘A verse and a Chorus’.  To add an ‘Aha’ or mood change is done from a bridge.  There are many other elements, but the basics are ‘Verse, Chorus, Bridge.

Often the chorus comes first.  I call it the ‘diddy’.  The catchy hook.  The verse is the story about the chorus.  The bridge is a twist to make the listener see the song from another angle or mood. Remember, no song will make a dime without a catchy chorus.

Superior Songwriting teaches you the basics fairly well.  They understand without structure, you music won’t even get listened to by your mom.

Basics are at least two verses and one chorus.  The verse tells the story.  The chorus is the ‘hook’ catchy part of the song that people can sing along with.

They also have plenty of song writing tips and examples.

If you havn’t ever written a song, but really want to, Superior Songwriting is a great place to start writing and learning.

The skill of Superior Songwriting

One of the Cons’ of this course is to does not teach you how to be a superior songwriter.  It teaches you song structure but not song writing skills.

The art of word choice, emotion words, singing alternate minor chords to change the mood.  Beat style, like a waltz beat, 4/4 beat, blues beat to name a few.

Other things not mentioned are intro’s, outro’s instrument solos’ the power of great backing vocals, harmony, alternate tuning.  I could go on and on for hours, but I have a passion and love for music and spend a lot of time studying songs.

The true art of music is to learn how to master the emotions of music.  You won’t learn anything about this from the superior songwriting course.  However, whether you are new to song writing or want to improve your skills, you need basic structure and this course will help you with that.

Superior Songwriting gets you to use a structure from the beginning.

Being a drummer, I guess I write songs differently than some other musicians.  I think they start with a great beat structure.  Then the chorus, next the verse and finally what emotional leverage you want from the bridge.

If you really love music and want to learn the art of songwriting, Superior Songwriting  by Singorama is a good place to start.

Keep in mind, you are not going to be a great songwriter overnight.

Hall of Fame singer/songwriter Larry Spears recorded a full album here at Traina Studios and one of his profound quotes really stuck with me. ‘The only way to become a good songwriter is to write lots and lots of songs’.  That makes sense, right?  You really have to write hundreds of songs to really write good ones.


Superior Songwriting by Singorama will get you on the right track if you really want to learn to write songs.  There are many basic tools included to get you on the right track.  However to be a great songwriter is a skill only achieved by a lifetime passion for creating music and lots of time spent sucking at it.

Good luck with your songwriting.  Once you  have written a few songs, bring them here to Traina Studios and lets get them recorded.  Next get them published and distributed.  Once you have added your songs to online music stores worldwide, you will know very quickly how skilled you have become.  Your reward for getting it right is sales and online streams of your songs.

We Belong to the Land by Country Music Hall of Fame Artist Larry Spears.  An excellent example of outstanding emotional songwriting skills

A guide on becoming a song writer.

Song writing is one of the best professions, especially if you love music. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to convert your thoughts and emotions into words and be able to share them with the world. However becoming a songwriter like any artistis not always an easy road. Although there are courses and lessons that will teach you all about music and songwriting, the fact is, most songwriters learn the skill by themselves. They’ve not undergone any form of training or studies. Music producers and publishers simply don’t care if you have a degree in songwriting or not, what’s important to them is pure talent – and of course, if you can make songs good enough to make money.


The songwriting process can be a bit challenging. Aside from writing a catchy chorus, you also have to think about writing insightful lyrics. Will people like the lyrics of your song?

A rewarding skill

Although singers give life to songs and are usually the ones praised, songwriters are the brains behind every beautiful song. Yes, some singers write their own songs… Some are incredible at it and write songs for other successful singers. But at the same time there are a lot of singers who can’t write music… they need material. This opens up opportunities for music enthusiasts who can’t sing particularly well, or simply don’t want the direct limelight but are great at songwriting. The point is, that there are too many singers and not enough songwriters. This means there are A&R managers out there that are constantly on the lookout for new material for their new talents. This is a great opportunity for someone who has writing talent but not musically gifted enough to make it on their own. Some songwriters say the lifestyle is the perfect mix of fame and anonymousness. And at the same time rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities giving you kudos for your work.


Songwriters can choose any music style based on their preference and don’t have to be pigeon holed into one particular style like singers have to. They can write country, rock, jazz and many more. With growing information technology nowadays, it is best that a songwriter is dynamic and flexible. They should also be observant so that they will be able to take notice of current trends and what appeals to people so they can cash in on “low hanging fruit”. Songwriters not only work with singers, they may also be hired to create jingles for companies and institutions to promote services or products which pays particularly well.

Becoming a songwriter: what should you do?

Writing songs is a great hobby… just like any other great art – like painting, or sculpting. It allows you to express yourself in a very unique way, and has the potential to live for generations. However, if you plan to become a professional songwriter and make it your full-time job, your work is cut out for you.  So how to be a songwriter? Here’s a step-by-step process to increase the chances on being one in the professional sense.



Choose a highly rated online training system and begin to understand the basics of music theory.

You may love music, and probably you’ve been listening to music since you were in your mom’s tummy, but it doesn’t mean that you understand proper music theory. It sometimes takes more than knowing the melody and tune of a song to become a professional songwriter. A songwriter must know how to write songs according to song keys, how to understand and follow the circle of fifths and how to create harmony in music. These are just some of the few lessons you have to learn. Take lessons, classes and trainings if you really want to learn how to become a songwriter.


Its beneficial if you choose a musical instrument and learn how to play it.

This is not a prerequisite to become a songwriter, however, it is a major advantage if you know how to play an instrument. You can write the song while creating the music yourself. Although there are a number of songwriters who just collaborate with singers and other artists, recording companies and music executives prefer those who can play an instrument because they are able to pitch in and record the sound on their own.


Practice and improve your songwriting skills.

This is the most essential part. Your ability to write striking and relatable lyrics which will capture the hearts of your listeners will be your key advantage that will distinguish you from other songwriters. The only way to do this is to be constantly scribbling ideas down and working on your skills. You may scribble a chorus or tune that doesn’t make the cut for the current song you are working on, but it may be perfect for another song so make sure you keep everything you work on… even if its simply storing your doc’s in a shoebox.


Familiarize yourself with the basic skills of recording.

You don’t have to be an expert in recording, but you most definitely need to be aware of how to record songs or tunes. Although it’s not an exclusive requirement, to understand the process will improve your song structure.


Collaborate with other musicians and make an effort to network.

Your road to becoming a songwriter starts when you are able to collaborate with other artists to make your songs something tangible. After finishing a final version song, you can proceed with creating a demo. A demo is essential if you’re pitching something to record labels and producers.

This guide will point you in the right direction… the rest is up to you. Start your poetic writing career now!

8 song writing tips that will help you create the most wonderful songs

Songwriting is a poetic skill that takes some searching to discover. However, if you are really passionate about writing a song, even if you don’t have the innate skills, you can surely do it. There are so many tips on writing a song that you can follow online but it’s important to grasp the basics first. If you’re still a beginner and trying to learn the fundamentals of songwriting, things will not be easy at first. There are so many things that you have to do; there’s the lyrics, creating the melodies and the harmonies and finishing up the entire song.


Listen to different tracks and analyze the lyrics.

When I am looking for inspiration, I will decide on a genre that I want the song to publish in and search back through time at songs that sold over a million copies.  Listen to the common thread that makes them great.  Notice the structure and the dance and moods of the songs.


Concept or topic of the song

There are people who work better when they have a basic concept. However, there are also those that work best when they immediately start with the main task such as the body of the song, the lyrics. Whichever you choose, make sure that everything coincides. For instance, if you start with the title, make sure that while writing the lyrics, you don’t go out of the topic. If you happen to play an instrument, then maybe starting with a catchy riff might get your creative juices flowing. If you do happen to come across a great tune however not suitable for the song you are writing, be sure to record it somewhere as it will probably come in handy next time you are writing.


Choose the theme of your track.

Without a theme, you will not be able to write a good song. Think of it like building a house… you need to start with the foundation. One of the most common themes among many songs is about love. Love is a universal concept, the reason why it’s highly relatable. However as a song topic, it can be a little cliché these days so try to be a little more imaginative. Different themes are endless such as friendship, sorrow, family, loss, happiness, success… But as mentioned before, if you study the lyrics of the most successful, you will realize that lyrics can get pretty surreal. You can write about anything depending on your mood. Just jot things down without thinking about it too deeply. This will relieve your writers block. 90% of the text will be average at best, but keep going as this will shift your creative mechanisms and will let the artistic side of your brain take over. Once you have finished your session, sift though the dirt to find the diamonds.


Learn the basic parts of a song.

This is the most basic concept that you have to understand. For beginners, you only have to focus on two song parts. The verse and the chorus. You can create as many as 3 to 4 verses while adding a chorus in between or you can make as few as 2 verses (but it will be a short song). Line verses have to be concise, they should not be too long nor too short. There are songwriters that are fond of rhyming, and while this is a good thing, don’t force it. Songs don’t have to rhyme. A perfect example of this is “Hotel California” – its sounds great rhyming in English, but also great in Spanish even though it doesn’t rhyme.


Make sure to maintain a sense of mystery.

While it is true that the purpose of a song is to tell a story, it doesn’t mean that you have to tell the story as it is. When writing a song, you have to remember that maintaining some mystery is important. If your theme is about your bad break-up, don’t write the lyrics as if you’re enumerating the whole story. Use words and construct sentences that can tell the story but will not reveal what happened as is. You can generalize the concept and write it in a way where others can also relate to what you’re writing. Innuendo’s and double entendres are popular ways of cleverly telling a story without spelling it out. A big point to take home is not to spell out the meaning of the song… A successful song leaves a listener with a subjective view on what it may be about. Rules are meant to be broken, and there are plenty of songs out there that spell out the story, but they likely have a catchy hook and melody.


Write the track when you’re inspired or in the mood.

The famous writer Mark Twain once quoted: ” If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter” meaning it is easier to write a long winded essay than it is to write a short eloquent note. Writing a simple essay can be challenging, how much more when you write a song, right? – It is best to start writing when you’re in the best of moods, when you’re happy and inspired. If you don’t feel like writing at the moment, don’t force yourself because it will not have positive results. As a newbie, the kind of mood you’re in is very important; you’re dependent on it and that’s okay. Find a quiet space, relax, eat your listen to some classics and start jotting down some possible words to fill-in. Remember, you cant think too hard on lines. Just jot them down and come back to them later. When you feel tired, go back on what you have written and you will find some nuggets of gold that can be pieced together for a possible project. Keep what you don’t use… This is crucial!


Think of the melody while writing the track.

Songwriting is not all about writing the lyrics of a song in itself. You also have to create a melody in your head and try to incorporate it while writing a song. If you just focus on the words, tendency is, you will find it difficult later on to match is with a tune. Or better yet, create a melody first, and perhaps, you can try to assemble it and have it done in a professional music studio. Once the music is done, you can listen to the melody while writing the lyrics.


Review and improve.

After completing the entire song, play it a few times.  It should just flow right and feel like everything fits.

Once you think you have it right, add it to your set list when you play live next.  See the croud reaction to your song.

I have found some of the songs that I though would easily be a hit were not, and others, the croud loved.

The key is to just keep writing.  Get yourself a notebook you carry everywhere you go and fill it with lyrics.  It ends up a scribbled mees of ideas, but the book becomes priceless over time for inspiration.

These are just some simple tips for writing songs. A very important tip not included in this list is your attitude towards songwriting. To be able to finish a song, you have to possess the right kind of attitude. Songwriting is not easy, you need a lot of patience and hardwork. No amount of tips for songwriting can supplement your will to be able to write a song. But remember, a successful song can be passed throughout the ages like a sculpture or a painting. It’s an art to be enjoyed as you create it.

Something else that just now came to mind.  When you think you have crafted the perfect album of about 10 to 13 songs, add at least 5 more.  Now play them as a set at your next gig.  Keep following croud response and after about 50 live shows, you will know the 13 to use.

Have fun and never stop creating music.


Tips to writing songs on guitar.

Guitarists are one of the most effective songwriters. Because they already know how to play the instrument, chances are, they will be able to write the lyrics while incorporating the melody of the song with the use of the guitar. And since guitarists can produce a riff as they please, it only feels natural to want to complete it with some lyrics. Songwriting is a skill that anybody can learn, even those who are not-so into playing an instrument.

If you’ve been playing the guitar all your life, or you’ve just learned to play, why not try to compose a song with the use of the instrument. The guitar is considered one of the most flexible instruments. It is also easier to learn compared to other instruments like the piano, drums and even the violin. If you want to venture into songwriting but you have no idea how to play the guitar, it may be beneficial to take some practical sessions to learn.

For those who already know how to play, here are 6 tips on how to write songs on guitar.


Gauge your guitar skills.

Everything starts with assessment. Determine your current skill in guitar playing. If you are still on the basic level, like you only know five chords and you’re not very skilled in playing a solo, the best thing for you is to stick to the basic tunes, no rock or jazz rhythms just yet. There’s always room for improvement and all you have to do is to keep practicing. Since you’re still a beginner, it’s fine to stay with the basic chords. However, try to push yourself more and learn new guitar skills so that you can expand and create more dynamic tunes. Don’t be discouraged if you can only plat simple stuff. If you examine one of the most successful rock bands of the 90’s: Nirvana – you will see how incredibly simple Kurt Cobain’s melodies are.


Choose which one you want to do first, creating the music or writing the lyrics.

Whichever you want to do first, make sure that your song is well-connected from start to finish. There’s no rule as to which one you should do first, however, it is better to do this at the same time. Working on the music and writing the lyrics at the same time will definitely have good results.


Begin writing your songs on guitar and record it.

While trying out different riffs for your song, keep a recorder so that you will be able to track the music you’re creating. In this way, you don’t forget the tune of the song. Also, writing your songs on guitar, will require a great deal of jotting down, so keep a pen and a notebook beside you.


Strum on different random chords until you are able to decide which one you like

Sometimes, it can be challenging to structure the tune of a song using the guitar. If you are at this stage of confusion, the best thing that you can do is to create different chords and see which one you like and which one best fits your song. Try mixing different tunes you have sampled from other artists until you have something that is uniquely your own.


Play the chords of the song and let other people hear it.

Knowing how to play the guitar will definitely give you a plus when writing songs because you don’t have to go to a music studio or collaborate with other people to give you the tune that you want. As a result, you can finish the song quicker. Once done, you need to play the entire song to someone who will give you some feedback. It is important to have somebody to critique your work so somebody with a set of fresh ears can help you see things from a different perspective.


Repeatedly play the music and sing the song several times.

After completing the entire song, you have to evaluate whether it is good or not. Play the song on your guitar while singing it out loud. Don’t just do this once or twice, repeat this several times. You’ll soon realise that there are certain lyrics and chords that don’t match well together. It will also be good if you record the song in a professional music studio so that you’ll be able to assess if it has the right good verse/chorus/verse progression. Create different versions of the same song… and let your peers tell you which is best.

Learning how to write songs on guitar does not require you to become an expert guitar player. As mentioned, the guitar is one of the easiest instruments to play. You can have basic knowledge of guitar playing now, but you can always improve while practicing your writing.

Promises Made of Sand by Country Music Hall of Fame Artist Larry Spears