Send Shark autoresponder and lead page builder

Send Shark autoresponder and lead page builder review.

Most autoresponder services are complicated and the owners of them have so many rules and special ways to do things that I don’t like using them. They don’t let you just upload your existing list, there is a limit to how many you can upload a day.

Send Shark was made for set and forget marketing to free up your time and automate your business. The other high end autoresponders charge you much more for the amound of subscribers that are in your email list. Not Send Shark, you start out with the capability of 50000 subscribers, unlimited campaigns and that is just the beginning. Get Response for example charges 370 dollars a month for that many subscribers. AWebber charges 250 dollars a month. Send Shark is 25 dollars a month. What a savings. You have the ability to track all your campaigns, send a broadcast email to all your subscribers any time you want and track the broadcasts also.

The other most impressive feature is the page builder. It is truly amazing! You can build the best lead capture pages on the internet. As many as you want for any business you want to promote and tie them to your autoresponder campaigns. Here is one I have created.

Check out Send Shark for yourself, use this special link and take it for a spin. I guarantee you will love it. The best autoresponder system on the market today. Completly blows the competition away!