Music Distribution


Music Distribution

Music distribution has changed. About 10 years ago, if a band wanted to get their music to the most fans, they needed to be signed by a major record label.  Like Sony or MGM.  Records and CDs were physical products.  Everyone would rush down to their favorite store and pick up a copy. Places like Blockbuster Music are gone.  Best Buy does not have much of a collection of CD’s to choose from.  Most music today is sold online.

A company named Tune Core changed distribution forever. A band or individual musician no longer had to be signed by a record label.  Tune Core would send their music worldwide simply by uploading it and choosing where they wanted the music to go. It was 2008 when I first used Tune Core for Music Distribution.

I still earn money from the songs I uploaded then.  Over 70 percent of the income I recieved was and still is from iTunes.

Today, there are many other distribution networks. Amuse, Distrokid, CD Baby, Reverbnation, Tune Core to name a few.


There are two reasons to publish your music before you distribute it.  Mechanical rights and performance rights.

When a band was picked up by a record label, they demanded the highest percentage of these rights and at least 60 percent of the money made by distribution. Today a band can keep all their rights and make 100 percent of the income.

Another reason to publish your music is to track streams and online plays.  Tune Core not only tracks this for you, they collect the money and put it in your account.

The cost to distribute an album on Tune Core is still less than 50 bucks to all 100 stores.

A couple of sales on iTunes and a few thousand plays on You Tube and a band breaks even.

From that point, all sales and streams are profit.


Once your music goes Live, Tune Core will send you links to all the music stores your music has been distributed to.

The possibilites from there are endless.  Create a fan page on Facebook and include a link to  your music on iTunes.  Fans can click the link and buy your music.  Leave a spotify link for streaming your music.

Host a band website and sell your music there. Tune Core has a web player to add right on your site.

Record Labels

Understand this point;  Record Labels are still where the big money is made and the reason is Advertising.  They have the income to advertise worldwide.  Most bands don’t have that kind of budget.
In todays music, a record label will not sign you unless your band is already capable of getting fans and earning money.
They want to see fans at your live performances.  They want to pull up your online sales and streams.  They want to see you selling merchandise, like shirts hat and stickers with band logos on them.  They want to know you understand the business side of the music industry.
If you get signed, most will require you to re-record your music in their studio.  Reason being, they want those rights and income.
One other point.  If they offer you a any dollar amount in advance, it is not FREE money.  Think of it more like a loan on future sales. Once that money is earned, only then will you receive royalty checks.


Everything I have explained in this post is not possible without a quality recording of your music.

The doors don’t open to earning income without a product to sell.

95 Percent of musicians don’t ever get a recording of their music.  That is why most musicians don’t earn enough money to be full time musicians.

Everything starts with Recording your music.