Learning to play the guitar

Learning to play the guitar can be frustrating.  Learning to play the guitar well takes practice and dedication.  It also takes some instruction.  Especially to play all different types of music.

If you already know how to read music and understand progressions, it is easier to learn than if you have no musical knowledge at all.  That is why there are many levels of learning to play the guitar well.

Lets review a few different online courses and you pick the one that is right for you.

One very complete system that works for most young eager to learn guitar players is Guitar Success System

Guitar Success System is an online course by Eric Sloan.  An accomplished guitar teacher for over 23 years.

The course has over 133 step-by-step videos to follow along and learn from.

No matter what your level of guitar playing, you can pick up a lot from this course.  However, just like learning anything, you have to apply yourself and want to learn.

Guitar Notes Master.  This course centers it’s learning style around the fret board.  Showing placement on the guitar for each finger to play any chord or note. learn note positions, intervals, chords, scales and arpeggios easily as the software shows you the positions for each lesson on the fret board.

Guitar Theory Revolution This course is more for the musician to take guitar playing to another level.  To understand music theory and why chords make us feel a certain way and how they should be put together to make good music.  Not for everyone but a good course for those who whan to truely understand music theory.

Finger Trainer is actually cool software.  A revolutionary new way to learn the guitar and an inovative way to practice.  The play along sounds have been recorded by an actual musician, not by a midi output.

Simple Solo Builder When writing original music, the last part of recording it is usually the guitar solo.  If you often find yourself stuck over how to play the solo, this program is for you.  An easy to follow system to playing guitar solos.

Rock Guitar Mastery I personally love the sound of a rock guitar.  A Les Paul guitar through a Marshall amp just sounds awesome to me.  If you love rock guitar and want to learn the techniques to mastering the rock sound.  Check out Rock Guitar Mastery.

Express Guitar First glance at this course is not impressive.  The website is basic and not fancy like other websites.  However, the guitar course is another story.  The training you get in this course can really improve your skills.


There are lots of different ways to learning, the important thing is to not give up.

To me music is the most important thing to learn in life.  Music brings emotion to our lives in ways words never will.


Pythagoras was one of the first teachers of sound.  He understood many things and believed music to be the key to life.

He is the father of mathematics, the father of geometry and the father of music.

He was born in 560 BC and lived for over 100 years.