Band Practice

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Band practice should be a place for inspiration, without any distractions.  It should be an environment that is free from interruption.

All bands have to have a place to practice.  I have been in bands since I was 16 years old and it has always been difficult to find the right place to practice.  Both with the whole band and on my own.  Being a drummer, the instrument is practiced loud and interrupts everything around it.

Most of my life, I would set up a place in my home for personal practice.  Sound proof it and isolate it as best I could for the sake of my family.  It still could be heard by them so I did not practice as much as I wanted to.

Band practice together is the same issue.  Someones basement or garage.  It seems like either the cops stop by due to complaints or the family is interrupted while the practice is going on.  Always some sort of sacrifice for the musician.

I have always dreamed of opening a practice place for bands.  I think every city should have one.  A place built specifically for the purpose of music.

Like when I opened the recording studio, I don’t want to build it necessarily for a big profit.  I want to build it for bands to have better freedom to create good music.

As I expand the thought process of it, I thought about music lessons practice place.  A live streaming stage space open for all ages. Then a a few recording studio booth spaces to rent out. Instrument  storage. Security and liability.

It still does not stop me from wanting to build it.  It believe music is important in everyone’s life.  In and around the Wichita area, there is not place like it and music is not thriving like it should.

Right now I am looking for people that might be interested in a place like I am describing.  If you think you would want to rent a band practice place, leave your name and email below.  If I get enough interest, I will build it.  I have always wanted to call it but I am not sure about the name yet.

I would want to rent the spaces hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.  I know every musician would have a different need.

I know how nice it is to have your band equipment all set up so you just flip the power switches when the band gets there and practice is started.  Breaking down and setting up equipment takes time.  Major bands like a place paid yearly as I am describing.

A music teacher or someone giving lessions might also want the space yearly, monthly, weekly or hourly.  I want to give musician the flixibility to decide.

The live stage can be rented for streaming to the internet or live shows.  Seating for around 200 and recording studio space rented daily, weekly or monthly.

Leave name and email if you would be interested in renting space for any music reason.

Your information will never be shared with anyone.