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Dewight Traina owner of traina studios inc and make ready masters, 10514 Wext Texas St #3 wichita ks 67226
Dewight Traina Owner of Traina Studios Inc and Make Ready Masters
10514 West Texas Street #3, Wichita, KS 67209

Traina Studios is an audio recording studio in Wichita Kansas. Specialized in recording music for unknown and unsigned artists. The purpose is to help artists get their music recorded, mixed, mastered and published so unsigned local artists can make money with thir original music.

Everything on TrainaStudios.com is copywrited and is property of Traina Studios Inc. Nothing can be copied without permission from Dewight Traina.

Only 1 out of 1000 musicians have a recording of their music. Less than that ever publish their music and make any money from it. This statistic is sad. There is so much music that never gets heard. Millions of songs that no one will ever hear. We are here to help musicians get their music heard, because Music Matters and so do the artists that write it. You can listen to some of the Traina Studios Music any time and leave a comment.

TORQUE live at The Curtain Club in Dallas Texas
Amen by Torque