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Traina Studios Music The SoundCloud Player below has examples of music recorded here at Traina Studios.  Any proceeds recieved from […]

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<h2>Original music recorded at Traina Studios in Wichita Kansas</h2> <p>Music matters and so do the musicians who record it.  Buy […]

Welcome to Traina Studios

Where music matters and so do the artists that create it.

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Event Flier

Get a high quality recording of your music here at Traina Studios.

The statistics show that 95% of musicians don’t have a quality recording of their music.

I believe everyone should record their music for many reasons.

  1.  When you perform live shows, your fans that loved the performance can purchase your music. Every time they listen to your music, they will remember the great time they had at your show.
  2. For your family.  My father  was a good musician and I wish I had a recording of his music.  It is a moment in time forever captured that you can be proud of.
  3. Facebook Fan Pages.  You can promote and sell your music, if people love it they will share it and your next gig will be a bigger success.
  4. Creating original music for your next album gives fans something to anticipate and look forward to.  They will look forward to your next local performance.
  5. There is nothing more exciting than creating music.  To be on stage with a large croud that have listened to your songs, singing along with you is one of the best feelings you will have as a musician.
  6. Recording music is fun!  We make an event out of around here, and work to make the recording the best it can be.
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Here we are all about having fun and recording good music that lasts longer than a lifetime!

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